Measuring Attachment

Developmental Assessment across the Lifespan

Edited by Everett Waters, Brian E. Vaughn, and Harriet Salatas Waters
Foreword by L. Alan Sroufe

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May 10, 2021
ISBN 9781462546473
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May 4, 2021
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1. Mary Ainsworth, Ethology, and Maternal Sensitivity, German Posada, Everett Waters, Brian E. Vaughn, David Pederson, & Gregory Moran

2. Assessing Secure Base Behavior in Naturalistic Environments: The Attachment Q-Set, Brian E. Vaughn, Everett Waters, & Douglas M. Teti

3. The Strange Situation: Paradigm, Practique, and FAQs, Everett Waters, Brian E. Vaughn, & Kristin Bernard

4. Attachment Disturbance: Disorganization and Disorder, Elizabeth A. Carlson

5. Issues of Method in the Assessment of Disorganized Attachment, Judith Solomon, Robbie Duschinsky, Lianne Bakkum, & Carlo Schuengel

6. Promising Approaches to Assessing Attachment in Middle Childhood: Navigating the Options, Kathryn A. Kerns & Ashley C. Seibert

7. Assessing Attachment in Adolescence, Joseph P. Allen

8. Measuring Attachment Representations as Secure Base Script Knowledge: The Prompt-Word Outline Method in Adulthood, Adolescence, and Middle Childhood, Harriet Salatas Waters and Theodore E. A. Waters

9. The Adult Attachment Interview: A Guide for New Researchers and Research Consumers, Judith A. Crowell

10. Measuring Secure Base Script Knowledge in the Adult Attachment Interview, Theodore E. A. Waters & Christopher R. Facompré

11. Laboratory Methods for Assessing Secure Base Use and Support in Adult Relationships, Brooke C. Feeney

12. The Associative Structure of Adult Attachment Representations: Priming Methods for Assessing Implicit Knowledge and Expectations, Markus A. Maier, Annie Bernier, & David M. Corcoran

13. The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System: Representational Assessment of Attachment in Adolescents and Adults, Carol George & Malcolm West

14. Measuring Attachment: Legacy and Prospects, Everett Waters, Brian E. Vaughn, & Harriet Salatas Waters sample