Military Psychology

Third Edition
Clinical and Operational Applications

Edited by Carrie H. Kennedy and Eric A. Zillmer

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August 19, 2022
ISBN 9781462549924
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460 Pages
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June 30, 2022
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List of Cases

1. A History of Military Psychology, Mathew P. McCauley, Eric A. Zillmer, & Carrie H. Kennedy

2. Military Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations, James M. Keener, Christopher Merchant, & Chad Morrow

3. Military Stress Reactions, Marcus R. VanSickle, Emmett Arthur, & Jessica M. LaCroix

4. Evidence-Based Treatments of Common Psychological Health Disorders in the Military, Michael A. Gramlich, Nancy A. Skopp, & Greg M. Reger

5. Behavioral Health Services within Primary-Care Clinics, Kevin Michael Wilfong, Jeffrey L. Goodie, Donald D. McGeary, & Alan L. Peterson

6. Managing Military-Specific Concussion for the General Practitioner, Heather G. Belanger, Patrick Armistead-Jehle, Jessica Parker, Sara M. Lippa, & Eveline F. Yao

7. Substance Use Disorder Services and Gambling Treatment in the Military, Tim Hoyt, Christopher J. Spevak, John A. Hodgson, William A. McDonald, & Revonda Grayson

8. Military Sexual Assault, Carrie L. Lucas, Ashley C. Schuyler, Sara Kintzle, Kelly M. Wails, Hannah I. Nordwall, & Carl A. Castro

9. Suicide Prevention and the Military Psychologist, Aaron D. Werbel, Mathew B. Rariden, Patricia J. Razuri, & Stephanie M. Long

10. Embedded and Expeditionary Mental Health Practice in the Military, Robert D. Lippy, Stephanie N. Pagano, Thomas J. Patterson, & Alan D. Ogle

11. Military Applications of Disaster Mental Health, Lyndse S. Anderson, Melisa S. Finley, & Jessica Y. Combs

12. Introduction to Operational Psychology, Thomas J. Williams, James J. Picano, Robert R. Roland, & L. Morgan Banks

13. Assessment and Selection of High-Risk Operational Personnel: Key Competencies of High-Risk Operators, James J. Picano, Robert R. Roland, & Thomas J. Williams

14. Security Clearance Evaluations, Carrie H. Kennedy & Sally Harvey

15. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Training: Preparing Military Members for the Demands of Captivity, Melissa D. Hiller Lauby & Charles A. Morgan III

16. Crisis Negotiations in a Military Context, Michael J. Craw & Russell E. Palarea

17. Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical, Operational, Expeditionary, and Combat Environments, Carrie H. Kennedy sample