Pediatric Neuropsychology

Third Edition
Research, Theory, and Practice

Edited by Miriam H. Beauchamp, Robin L. Peterson, M. Douglas Ris, H. Gerry Taylor, and Keith Owen Yeates

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June 13, 2022
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August 13, 2022
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The new edition will be published June 13, 2022. If you need this title before then, please see the previous edition.
Recognized as the definitive reference and text on the relationship between brain health and behavior in children and adolescents, this volume is now in a third edition with 75% new material, including major updates throughout and numerous new chapters. Leading experts provide a neuropsychological perspective on medical, neurological, genetic, and developmental disorders that are frequently seen in clinical practice. The volume examines the impact of each condition on the developing brain; explores associated cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial impairments; and shows how the science translates into achieving better outcomes for children.

New to This Edition
  • Reflects 12 years of significant research advances and the expanding role of pediatric neuropsychologists; increased attention to evidence-based intervention throughout.
  • Chapters on additional medical and neurodevelopmental conditions: pediatric stroke, congenital heart disease, type 1 diabetes, and movement disorders.
  • Section on genetic disorders: fragile X, Williams syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, and Down syndrome.
  • Section on emergent and controversial conditions: nonverbal learning disabilities, dysexecutive syndrome, pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome, and sluggish cognitive tempo.