Posttraumatic Play in Children

What Clinicians Need to Know

Eliana Gil

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January 31, 2017
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Understanding Posttraumatic Play

1. Introduction to Posttraumatic Play in Children and Youth

2. Types, Forms, and Phases of Posttraumatic Play

3. Evaluating Posttraumatic Play and Intervening When It Is Toxic

4. Manifestations of Posttraumatic Play in Natural Settings and in the Therapy Office

5. The Larger Treatment Context: A Systemic Approach to Posttraumatic Play

II. Clinical Illustrations

6. The Car Crash

7. “When Mommy Comes Back”

8. “Daddy Hits Me When I’m Really Bad!”

9. When Posttraumatic Play Doesn’t Emerge Naturally

10. Burn Injuries

11. Chronic Sexual Abuse

12. The Terror of Bullying

13. “I Will Come Out by Myself”

14. Conjoint Narrative Sharing

Appendix. Checklist for Posttraumatic Play