Primer of Public Relations Research

Third Edition

Don W. Stacks

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November 23, 2016
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October 26, 2016
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I. An Introduction to Research in Public Relations

1. Understanding Research: An Introduction with Public Relations Implications sample

2. Management of Research in Public Relations

3. Standards for Conducting Public Relations Research

II. Necessary Considerations for Quantification

4. Measuring Outcomes

5. Data and Data Sets

6. Descriptive Statistical Reasoning and Computer Analysis

7. Ethical Concerns in Public Relations Research, with Shannon A. Bowen

III. Research Methodology

8. Qualitative Research Methodology: Content Analysis

9. Qualitative Research Methodology: Historical and Secondary Research Methods

10. Qualitative Research Methodology: Case Studies

11. Qualitative Research Methodology: Methods of Observing People, Shannon A. Bowen

12. Quantitative Research Methodology: Sampling Messages and People

13. Quantitative Research Methodology: Survey and Poll Methods

14. Quantitative Research Methodology: The Experimental Method

15. Quantitative Statistics: Advanced Inferential Statistical Reasoning and Computer Analysis

IV. Obtaining and Reporting Public Relations Research

16. Putting It All Together

Appendix: Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research