Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Science

A Multiple Code Theory

Wilma Bucci

May 16, 1997
ISBN 9781572302136
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362 Pages
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Introduction: Bridging the Great Divide

I. "Reconstruction" of the Metapsychology: The Roots

1. Freud's Abstract Models of the Psychical Apparatus

2. The Metapsychology, the Clinical Theory, and the Psychoanalytic Method

3. The Role of Empirical Research

4. Networks of the Mind: Toward a Psychological Model for Psychoanalysis

II. Components of the Multiple Code Theory: Current Research

5. The Architecture of Cognition: Symbolic and Subsymbolic Processing

6. Multiplicity of Systems: Evidence from the Functional Approach

7. Functional Distinctions in Specific Sensory Systems

8. Emotion and Cognition: A New Integration

9. The Infant's Cognitive and Emotional World

10. Multiple Coding on the Neurophysiological Level: Lateralization and Modularity of Function

III. The Multiple Code Theory and the Referential Cycle

11. Basic Concepts of the Multiple Code Theory

12. The Emotion Schemas and their Vicissitudes

13. Linking Feelings and Words: The Referential Cycle

14. The Referential Cycle in Free Association

15. The Referential Cycle in Fantasies and Dreams

16. The Multiple Code Theory and the Metapsychology

17. Empirical Studies of the Analytic Process

18. Notes Concerning the Psychoanalytic Research Agenda

LAST WORDS: 1. The Tower of Babel 2. The Dead Man's Tale