RTI for Reading at the Secondary Level

Recommended Literacy Practices and Remaining Questions

Deborah K. Reed, Jade Wexler, and Sharon Vaughn

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March 14, 2012
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Prologue: Response to Intervention with Secondary Students: Why the Issues Are Different Than with Elementary Students, Sharon Vaughn and Jack M. Fletcher


1. RTI in Reading: An Overview

2. Step 1: Implementing Effective Tier 1 Instruction

3. Step 2: Establishing Interventions in Reading

4. Step 3: Guidelines for Tiers 2 and 3

5. Step 4: Refining Implementation of RTI


Appendix A. Sample Middle School Schedules: Grades 6–8

Appendix B. Sample Junior High Schedules: Grades 7–8

Appendix C. Sample High School Schedule

Appendix D. Examples of Vocabulary and Comprehension Strategies for Content-Area Instruction

Appendix E. Examples of Reading Intervention Strategies

Appendix F. Resources for Implementing RTI at the Secondary Level