Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions

Aaron T. Beck, Paul Grant, Ellen Inverso, Aaron P. Brinen, and Dimitri Perivoliotis

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December 8, 2020
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I. CT-R Model of Transformation and Empowerment

1. Introduction to Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy sample

2. Mapping Recovery: Developing a Plan for Transformative Action

3. Accessing and Energizing the Adaptive Mode

4. Developing the Adaptive Mode: Aspirations

5. Actualizing the Adaptive Mode: Positive Action

6. Strengthening the Adaptive Mode

II. Empowerment for Common Challenges

7. Empowering When Negative Symptoms Are the Challenge

8. Empowering When Delusions Are the Challenge

9. Empowering When Hallucinations Are the Challenge

10. Empowering When Communication Is the Challenge

11. Empowering When Trauma, Self-Injury, Aggressive Behavior, or Substance Use Is the Challenge

III.CT-R Contexts

12. Individual CT-R for the Sole Provider

13. The CT-R Inpatient Service

14. CT-R Group Therapy

15. Families as Facilitators of Empowerment


- A. CT-R Terminology

- B. Blank Recovery Map

- C. Recovery Map How-To Guide

- D. Suggestions for Activities to Access the Adaptive Mode

- E. Blank Activity Schedule

- F. Blank Chart for Breaking Aspirations into Steps

- G. Interventions for Individuals Experiencing Negative Symptoms

- H. CT-R Benchmarks