Social Phobia

Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment

Edited by Richard G. Heimberg, Michael R. Liebowitz, Debra A. Hope, and Franklin R. Schneier

October 27, 1995
ISBN 9781572300125
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435 Pages
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Part I: History and Clinical Presentation

1. Diagnostic Issues, Heckelman and Schneier

2. Epidemiology and Family Studies, Chapman, Mannuzza, and Fyer

3. Descriptive Psychopathology, Rapee

Part II: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches

4. The Cognitive Model of Social Phobia, Clark and Wells

5. The Self-Presentation Model of Social Phobia, Leary and Kowalski

6. Neurobiology of Social Phobia, Nickell and Uhde

7. Conditioning and Ethological Models of Social Phobia, Mineka and Zinbarg

8. Developmental Factors in Childhood and Adolescent Shyness, Bruch and Cheek

Part III: Assessment

9. The Clinical Interview, Greist, Kobak, Jefferson, Katzelnick, and Chene

10. Behavioral Assessment: Self-Report, Physiology, and Overt Behavior, McNeil, Ries, and Turk

11. Cognitive Assessment, Elting and Hope

Part IV: Treatment

12. Cognitive Behavioral Treatments: Literature Review, Heimberg and Juster

13. Cognitive Behavioral Treatments: Clinical Applications, Butler and Wells 14. Pharmacological Treatments: Literature Review, Potts and Davidson

15. Pharmacological Treatments: Clinical Applications, Liebowitz and Marshall

Part V: Special Populations

16. Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Treatment, Albano, DiBartolo, Heimberg, and Barlow