Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia

Second Edition
A Step-by-Step Guide

Alan S. Bellack, Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich, and Julie Agresta

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April 7, 2004
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July 29, 2013
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A new edition will be published August 26, 2024.
The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
In a large-size format for easy photocopying, this manual presents an empirically tested format and ready-made curricula for skills training groups in a range of settings. Part I takes therapists and counselors step by step through assessing clients' existing skills, teaching new skills, and managing common treatment challenges. Part II comprises over 60 skill sheets. Each sheet—essentially a complete lesson plan—explains the rationale for the skill at hand, breaks it down into smaller steps, suggests role-play scenarios, and highlights special considerations. Appendices include reproducible client handouts and assessment tools; purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print these materials for repeated use.