Solutions to Critical Behavioral Issues in the Classroom

Hill M. Walker

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February 2, 2023
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January 13, 2023
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January 20, 2023
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Solutions to Critical Behavioral Issues in the Classroom is an excellent reference for addressing behavior in elementary and early middle school classrooms. The author provides straightforward suggestions to approach specific behaviors as well as strategies for improving overall classroom management….Although this book is designed primarily for teachers, it would be a wonderful resource for school psychologists to aid in teacher consultation and collaboration related to student behavior. The interventions contained in this book are meant to be implemented in the general or special education classroom….This book is easy to read and provides outstanding guidance.”

NASP Communiqué

“This multifunctional work is unique in both content and format—it provides an almost instant source of practical, evidence-based strategies for management and motivation of students with emotional or behavioral problems. This book will serve as a wonderful methods textbook for teacher preparation courses in general and special education, and as a critical resource for professionals in school counseling, educational administration, school psychology, and child psychiatry. The volume is thoroughly evidence based; it is built on the bedrock of comprehensive research reviews, many of these informed by Walker’s own widely regarded career record of research and development.”

—Steven R. Forness, EdD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles

“Bravo! This book is truly a gift to the fields of education and school psychology, and a 'must read' for every professional providing instruction and support to K–6 students. Professors committed to preparing general and special educators will appreciate the lifetime of wisdom on preventing and responding to challenging behaviors that is reflected in the pages of this book. Each chapter provides clearly articulated guidance on how to implement research-based strategies, practices, and programs in school settings. I can see the case studies being used in university classrooms with preservice teachers, as well as by technical assistance providers working with inservice educators. Educators everywhere will appreciate the guidance and the clarity!”

—Kathleen Lynne Lane, PhD, BCBA-D, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor of Special Education and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Kansas

“A welcome addition to the literature on student behavior and instruction in school, from one of the most prolific scholars in education. Walker provides teachers with quick and effective instructional information to solve common student behavior problems. Principles and techniques of behavioral technology—specifically, methods for increasing appropriate and decreasing inappropriate student behavior—are highlighted in a narrative that teachers at all levels will find accessible. This book is a 'must have' for general and special educators and teachers in training who seek to become skilled behavior interventionists in the classroom.”

—Edward J. Sabornie, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Special Education, North Carolina State University

“In a time of teacher burnout and school staffing shortages, Walker provides a comprehensive approach for proactively responding to critical behavior issues in the classroom. The book illustrates common behavior issues with case studies, checklists, and concrete strategies that are easily implemented into a busy school day. This is a needed reference for new and veteran teachers, academic coaches, and school counselors looking for positive approaches to supporting students in today’s classrooms.”

—Ashleigh Glickley, MEd, NBCT, academic instructional coach, Hawthorne Elementary School, Louisville, Kentucky