Stereotypes and Stereotyping

Edited by C. Neil Macrae, Charles Stangor, and Miles Hewstone

March 1, 1996
ISBN 9781572300538
Price: $85.00
462 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

Where do stereotypes come from? How accurate are they, and how do they affect interpersonal and intergroup relations? Can stereotypes be changed? Stereotypes structured sets of beliefs about the characteristics of members of social categories influence how people attend to, encode, represent, and retrieve information about others, and how they judge and respond to them. A comprehensive overview of contemporary research, this volume highlights important approaches that have considerably expanded our understanding of stereotyping in recent years. Integrating cognitive, motivational, emotional, and linguistic perspectives, Stereotypes and Stereotyping demonstrates the diversity and richness of the field today and illuminates new directions for future research.