Stereotypes and Stereotyping

Edited by C. Neil Macrae, Charles Stangor, and Miles Hewstone

March 1, 1996
ISBN 9781572300538
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462 Pages
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I. Introduction: What Are Stereotypes?

1. Stereotypes as Individual and Collective Representations, Charles Stangor and Mark Schaller

II. Stereotype Formation and Development

2. Social Psychological Foundations of Stereotype Formation, Diane M. Mackie, David L. Hamilton, Joshua Susskind, and Francine Rosselli

3. Physical Appearance as a Basis of Stereotyping, Leslie A. Zebrowitz

4. Assessing Stereotype Accuracy: Implications for Understanding the Stereotyping Process, Carey S. Ryan, Bernadette Park, and Charles M. Judd

III. Stereotype Function and Use

5. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and the Maintenance of Social Stereotypes: The Role of Dyadic Interactions and Social Forces, Lee Jussim and Christopher Fleming

6. Language and Stereotyping, Anne Maass and Luciano Arcuri

7. The Self-Regulation of Intergroup Perception: Mechanisms and Consequences of Stereotype Suppression, Galen V. Bodenhausen and C. Neil Macrae

8. When Stereotypes Lead to Stereotyping: The Use of Stereotypes in Perception, Marilynn B. Brewer

9. Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination: Another Look, John F. Dovidio, John C. Brigham, Blair T. Johnson, and Samuel L. Gaertner

IV. Undermining Stereotypes and Stereotyping

10. Contact and Categorization: Social Psychological Interventions to Change Intergroup Relations, Miles Hewstone

11. Motivating Individuals to Change: What Is a Target to Do?, Jennifer L. Eberhardt and Susan T. Fiske

V. Conclusions

12. Modern Stereotype Research: Unfinished Business, David J. Schneider