Teaching English Language Learners

Literacy Strategies and Resources for K-6

Shelley Hong Xu

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January 15, 2010
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1. Guiding Principles of Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners

2. Language Acquisition and Linguistic Interferences

3. Instruction for Oral Language Development

4. Instruction for Phonological and Orthographic Knowledge and Fluency Development

5. Instruction for Vocabulary Development

6. Instruction for Reading Comprehension Development

7. Instruction for Writing Development

8. Instruction for Grammar

Appendix A. Reflection on Modifications of Instructional Strategies and Materials

Appendix B. Similarities and Differences between English and L1

Appendix C. Student Errors and Possible Explanations for the Errors

Appendix D. Instructional Focus Based on Interferences

Appendix E. Oral Language Assessment Chart (Say Something and Oral Retelling)

Appendix F. Conversation Assessment Chart

Appendix G. Anecdotal Record Form

Appendix H. Factors to Consider in Selecting Books for Read-Aloud

Appendix I. Fluency Assessment Chart

Appendix J. Self-Assessment of Words

Appendix K. A Lesson Plan for Morphemic Analysis, Spelling, and Grammatical Features

Appendix L. Personal Vocabulary Journal

Appendix M. Think-Aloud Guide

Appendix N. Writing Strengths and Needs

Appendix O. Peer-Revision and Editing Form

Appendix P. A Summary of Components of English Grammar

Appendix Q. Documenting Student’s Needs and Instructional Focus