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The Paper Office for the Digital Age

Fifth Edition
Forms, Guidelines, and Resources to Make Your Practice Work Ethically, Legally, and Profitably

Edward L. Zuckerman and Keely Kolmes

Paperback + CD-ROM
Paperback + CD-ROM
November 21, 2016
ISBN 9781462528004
Price: $85.00
502 Pages
Size: 8" x 10½"
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Gordon I. Herz, PhD, has been in full-time independent practice in Madison, Wisconsin, for more than 15 years, after serving 10 years as Director of Neuropsychology Services within the Meriter Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. His specialties include neuropsychology, health psychology, and rehabilitation psychology. He frequently consults with and provides services to residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior residential campuses in Madison and surrounding communities. He has been an advocate in health insurance and financing reform. He also created and hosts a peer consultation group for psychologists working in Medicare. Dr. Herz was elected Distinguished Practitioner and Fellow, National Academies of Practice and the Psychology Academy in 2013, and served in 2014 as President of the American Psychological Association’s Division 42, Psychologists in Independent Practice. He regularly provides training opportunities for doctoral students in his practice. He can be reached through his website (