The Psychology of Gender

Second Edition

Edited by Alice H. Eagly, Anne E. Beall, and Robert J. Sternberg

August 19, 2005
ISBN 9781593852443
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358 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2004
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1. Introduction, Anne E. Beall, Alice H. Eagly, and Robert J. Sternberg

2. Androgen, Estrogen, and Gender: Contributions of the Early Hormone Environment to Gender-Related Behavior, Melissa Hines

3. The Psychobiology of Gender: Cognitive Effects of Reproductive Hormones in the Adult Nervous System, Elizabeth Hampson and Scott D. Moffat

4. Sex Roles as Adaptations: An Evolutionary Perspective on Gender Differences and Similarities, Douglas T. Kenrick, Melanie R. Trost, and Jill M. Sundie

5. Social Cognitive Theory of Gender Development and Functioning, Kay Bussey and Albert Bandura

6. Gender Socialization: A Parent x Child Model, Eva M. Pomerantz, Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, and Qian Wang

7. Psychoanalytic Theories of Gender, Leslie C. Bell

8. Gender Differences in Relational and Collective Interdependence: Implications for Self-Views, Social Behavior, and Subjective Well-Being, Wendi L. Gardner and Shira Gabriel

9. On the Construction of Gender, Sex, and Sexualities, Jeanne Marecek, Mary Crawford, and Danielle Popp

10. Gender as Status: An Expectations States Theory Approach, Cecilia L. Ridgeway and Chris Bourg

11. The Bases of Gendered Power, Felicia Pratto and Angela Walker

12. Social Role Theory of Sex Differences and Similarities: Implications for the Partner Preferences of Women and Men, Alice H. Eagly, Wendy Wood, and Mary C. Johannesen-Schmidt

13. Cultural Diversity and Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Deborah L. Best and Jennifer J. Thomas

14. Sex Changes: A Current Perspective on the Psychology of Gender, Marianne LaFrance, Elizabeth Levy Paluck, and Victoria Brescoll