The Psychology of Gender

Second Edition

Edited by Alice H. Eagly, Anne E. Beall, and Robert J. Sternberg

August 19, 2005
ISBN 9781593852443
Price: $41.00
358 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2004

Alice H. Eagly, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and faculty fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. Dr. Eagly is particularly known for her research on the psychology of gender and the psychology of attitudes. She has received the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology and the Donald Campbell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Social Psychology from the Society for Social and Personality Psychology.

Anne E. Beall, PhD, is President of Beall Research and Training, a firm that applies principles and findings from psychology to the business world. Dr. Beall conducts training seminars on gender, nonverbal communication, persuasion, sales, and detecting deception. She also conducts marketing research on a variety of strategic business issues. She has held positions at The Boston Consulting Group and National Analysts, and has written book chapters and articles about emotional expression, consumer psychology, and marketing.

Robert J. Sternberg, PhD, is IBM Professor of Psychology and Education at Yale University. He has published over 950 books, articles, and book chapters, and was the 2003 President of the American Psychological Association.