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The Psychotherapy of Carl Rogers

Cases and Commentary

Edited by Barry A. Farber, Debora C. Brink, and Patricia M. Raskin

July 13, 1998
ISBN 9781572303775
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383 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 1996

Foreword, Bowen

Introduction, Farber

1. A Scheme of Rogers's Clinical Responses, Brink and Farber

I. Rogers' Therapy Cases: Views from Within

*Introductory Comments, Brink

2. The Case of Loretta (1958)


*Commentary: A Psychiatric Inpatient, N. J. Raskin

3. The Case of Gloria (1964)

*Summary, Rosenzweig

*Commentary:The Effects of Meeting Some, But Not All, of the "Necessary and Sufficient" Conditions, Zimring

4. The Case of Jill (1983)


*Commentary: The Myth of Nondirectiveness, Bowen

5. The Cases of Mary (1986) and Louise (1986)


*Commentary: An Argument for Client Self-Determination, Natiello

II. Rogers's Therapy Cases: Views from Within and Without

*Introductory Comments, P. M. Raskin

6. The Case of Mary Jane Tilden (1946)


*Commentary 1: Client-Centered Therapy and Undivided Attention, Dingman

*Commentary 2: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective, Geller and Gould

7. The Case of Jim Brown (1962)


*Commentary 1: A Silent Young Man, Bozarth

*Commentary 2: The Power of Empathic Exploration: A Process-Experiential/Gestalt Perspective, Greenberg

8. The Case of Sylvia (1976)


*Commentary 1: An Intimate and Affirming Encounter, Cain

*Commentary 2: A Feminist Analysis, O'Hara

9. The Case of "Anger and Hurt" (1977)

*Summary, Brink and Rosenzweig

*Commentary 1: Uncharacteristic Directness, Brodley

*Commentary 2: Rogers and the Development of a Spiritual Psychotherapy, Menahem

10. The Case of Mark (1982): The Dilemmas of a South African White


*Commentary 1: The Power of the Brief Encounter, Seeman.

*Commentary 2: An Empirical Analysis and Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective, Hayes and Goldfried