The Right to the City

Social Justice and the Fight for Public Space

Don Mitchell

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February 24, 2003
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February 21, 2012
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Introduction. The Fight for Public Space: What Has Changed?

Chapter 1. To Go Again to Hyde Park: Public Space, Rights, and Social Justice

Chapter 2. Making Dissent Safe for Democracy: Violence, Order, and the Legal Geography of Public Space

Chapter 3. From Free Speech to People's Park: Locational Conflict and the Right to

the City

Chapter 4. The End of Public Space?: People's Park, the Public, and the Right to the City

Chapter 5. The Annihilation of Space by Law: Anti-Homeless Laws and the

Shrinking Landscape of Rights

Chapter 6. No Right to the City: Anti-Homeless Campaigns, Public Space Zoning,

and the Problem of Necessity

Conclusion. The Illusion and Necessity of Order: Toward a Just City

Postscript (2014): Now What Has Changed?




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