The Unconscious

Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications

Joel Weinberger and Valentina Stoycheva

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April 8, 2021
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October 14, 2019
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1. Introduction sample

I. Early History of the Unconscious

2. Philosophical Precursors

3. Dynamic Psychiatry and Early Academic Psychology

4. Psychoanalysis

II. Empirical Approaches to the Unconscious

5. The Beginnings of Experimental Work on Unconscious Processes

6. Unconscious Processes Move from Outcast to Mainstream

7. Empirical Tests of Unconscious Phenomena: The Effects of Subliminal Exposure

8. Attention Models Bring the Unconscious to the Mainstream

9. Unconscious Processes: From Mainstream to Central Tenet

III. The Unconscious Rediscovered

10. The Normative Unconscious

11. Implicit Memory

12. Implicit Learning

13. Implicit Motivation

14. Automaticity

15. Attribution Theory

16. Affective Primacy

17. From Metaphor to Embodied Cognition

IV. Computational Neuroscience and the Unconscious

18. Computational Models of the Mind

19. Massive Modularity

20. Parallel Distributed Processing

21. From Exaptation to Neural Reuse

22. A Model of the Unconscious: Theory and Implications for Psychotherapy