Think First

Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Secondary Schools

Jim Larson

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
February 1, 2005
ISBN 9781593851262
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208 Pages
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1. The Problem and Directions for Change

2. The Context of Aggressive Student Behavior: Creating Effective, Whole-School Environmental Strategies

3. Rationale and Best Practices for Anger and Aggression Management Skills Training

4. Screening, Identification, and Assessment for Anger and Aggression Management Training

5. Getting Started with Anger and Aggression Management Skills Training

6. Introduction to the Treatment Manual

Module I. Introduction, Choices, and Consequences

Module II. Hassle Log and Anger Reducers

Module III. Anger Triggers and Attribution Retraining

Module IV. Self-Instruction and Consequential Thinking

Module V. Social Problem-Solving


A. Current Behavior Screening Form

B. Intervention Record Review

C. Adolescent Interview

D. Brief Problem Assessment Interview

E. Classroom Progress Monitoring Report

F. Multidimensional School Anger Inventory

G. Sample Parental Consent Letter/Carta de Consentimiento de Padres

H. Guidelines for Generalization Support Persons

I. Academic Self-Monitoring Form

J. Think First Training Outcomes


Think First Handout I.1. Behavior A-B-C's

Think First Handout II.1. Hassle Log

Think First Handout II.2. Behavior A-B-C's for an Anger Cue

Think First Handout III.1. Common Thought Triggers

Think First Handout IV.1. Reminders

Think First Handout V.1. Stop And Think

Think First Handout V.2. Finding Alternative Solutions

Think First Handout V.3. Problem-Solving Work Sheet