Treating Affect Phobia

A Manual for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Leigh McCullough, Nat Kuhn, Stuart Andrews, Amelia Kaplan, Jonathan Wolf, and Cara Lanza Hurley

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January 24, 2003
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April 28, 2021
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Part I. Theory, Evaluation, and Formulation

Chapter 1. Affect and Affect Phobia in Short-Term Treatment

Chapter 2. Affect Phobia, Psychodynamic Conflict, and Malan's Two Triangles

Chapter 3. Assessment and Selection of Treatment for the Patient

Chapter 4. How to Formulate a Core Psychodynamic Conflict: Spotting Affect Phobias

Part II. Defense and Affect Restructuring

Introduction to Part II

Chapter 5. Defense Restructuring Phase I: Defense Recognition

Chapter 6. Defense Restructuring Phase II: Defense Relinquishing

Chapter 7. Affect Restructuring Phase I: Affect Experiencing

Chapter 8. Affect Restructuring Phase II: Affect Expression

Part III. Self- and Other-Restructuring

Introduction to Part III

Chapter 9. Self-Restructuring: Building Compassion and Care for Self

Chapter 10. Other-Restructuring: Building Adaptive Inner Images of Others

Part IV. Diagnostic Considerations and Termination

Chapter 11. Treating Specific Diagnoses: The Relationship between DSM Diagnoses and Affect Phobias

Chapter 12. Termination

Appendix. Answers to Exercises