Using the Rorschach Performance Assessment System® (R-PAS®)

Edited by Joni L. Mihura and Gregory J. Meyer

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December 12, 2017
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I. The Basics of R-PAS and Its Interpretation

1. Introduction to R-PAS, Joni L. Mihura & Gregory J. Meyer

2. Principles of R-PAS Interpretation, Joni L. Mihura & Gregory J. Meyer

3. Using R-PAS Norms with an Emphasis on Children and Adolescents, Gregory J. Meyer & Philip Erdberg

II. Using R-PAS in Clinical Settings

4. The Broken Zombie: Using R-PAS in the Assessment of a Bullied Adolescent with Borderline Personality Features, Jan H. Kamphuis, Hilde De Saeger, & Joni L. Mihura

5. When Wolves Fall from the Sky: Using R-PAS in the Early Detection of Psychosis in an Adolescent, James H. Kleiger & Ali Khadivi

6. An Inpatient R-PAS Case with a Recent Suicide Attempt, Ali Khadivi

7. Understanding a Therapeutic Impasse: Using R-PAS in a Multimethod Assessment of Alliance Dynamics and Underlying Developmental Disruption, Anthony Bram

8. Using R-PAS in the Therapeutic Assessment of a University Student with Emotional Disconnection, Francesca Fantini & Justin D. Smith

9. How Individual R-PAS Protocols Illuminate Couples’ Relationships: The Role of a Performance-Based Test in Therapeutic Assessment with Couples, Filippo Aschieri, Alessandra Chinaglia, & Andrea B. Kiss

III. Using R-PAS in Forensic Evaluations

10. Using R-PAS in a Criminal Responsibility Evaluation to Assess Insanity, Marvin W. Acklin

11. Using R-PAS in Violence Risk Assessment, Saara Kaakinen, Emiliano Muzio, & Hannu Säävälä

12. Using R-PAS in the Assessment of Possible Psychosis and Trauma Intrusions in a Psychopathic Female, Peder Chr. B. Nørbech, Ellen J. Hartmann, & James H. Kleiger

13. Using R-PAS in Family Law Cases, S. Margaret Lee

14. Using R-PAS in the Assessment of Psychological Variables in Domestic Violence, Nancy Kaser-Boyd & Reneau Kennedy

IV. Using R-PAS in Pre-Employment, Neuropsychological, and Educational Evaluations

15. Using R-PAS in the Pre-Employment Evaluation of a Candidate for a Roman Catholic Seminary, Philip Keddy

16. Using R-PAS in a Neuropsychological Evaluation of a High-Functioning Adult Patient with Depression, Anxiety, and a Relational Trauma History, Nicolae Dumitrascu

17. Using R-PAS in the Neuropsychological Assessment of an 8-Year-Old Boy, Jessica Lipkind & Jack Fahy

18. Being in Pain: Using R-PAS to Understand the (Non-)Dialogue of Body and Mind, Ety Berant

19. Using R-PAS in the Evaluation of an Emotional Disturbance in the School Context, Tammy L. Hughes, Kate Piselli, & Cassandra Berbary