Writing and Reading Connections

Bridging Research and Practice

Edited by Zoi A. Philippakos and Steve Graham
Foreword by Jill Fitzgerald

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December 21, 2022
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I. Introduction to Writing and Reading Connections

1. The History of Writing and Reading Connections, Timothy Shanahan

II. Specific Applications of Writing and Reading Connections

2. A Tale of Two Closely Related Skills: Word Reading and Spelling Development and Instruction, Young-Suk Kim

3. The Role of Vocabulary in and for Writing, Margaret G. McKeown

4. From Talk to Text: Implementing Student Discussions That Matter, Deanna Kuhn, Mariel Halpern, & Sybille Bruun

5. Writing to Promote Better Reading Comprehension, Steve Graham & Adiba Nusrat sample

6. Genre and Text Structure in Writing and Reading Instruction, Zoi A. Philippakos

7. Assessment in Writing and Reading, Paul Deane

8. Self-Regulated Strategy Development: Reading Source Materials to Learn and Write, Karen R. Harris & Linda H. Mason

9. Writing and Reading Connections in the Digital World, Allison N. Sonia, Laura K. Allen, & Scott A. Crossley

III. Writing and Reading Connections in the Content Areas

10. Integrating Writing and Reading Instruction in the English Language Arts Classroom, Carol Booth Olson, Jenell Krishnan, & Huy Q. Chung

11. Writing, Reading, and Social Studies, Nell K. Duke, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, & Abby Reisman

12. Liberation through Literacy in Science, Catherine Lammert & Brian Hand

13. Thinking Beyond Symbols: Writing and Reading in Mathematics, Sarah R. Powell & Michael A. Hebert

IV. Writing and Reading Connections with Specific Groups of Learners

14. Writing and Reading with Emergent Bilingual Learners, Alison G. Boardman & Sandra A. Butvilofsky

15. Addressing the Needs of Students Who Struggle with Literacy, Michael A. Hebert, Pamela Bazis, & Tanya Santangelo

16. Integrated Writing and Reading Instruction in College, Charles A. MacArthur