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1. Mindfulness of Sounds—5 minutes (Chapter 3) - stream - download

2. Mindfulness of Physical Sensations—3 minutes (Chapter 6) - stream - download

3. Mindfulness-Based Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Instructions—11 minutes (Chapter 6) - stream - download

4. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 16 Muscle Group Exercise—37 minutes (Chapter 6) - stream - download

5. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 7 Muscle Group Exercise—19 minutes (Chapter 6) - stream - download

6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, 4 Muscle Group Exercise—13 minutes (Chapter 6) - stream - download

7. Inviting a Difficulty in and Working with It through the Body—6 minutes (Chapter 7) - stream - download

8. Mindfulness of Breath—3 minutes (Chapter 8) - stream - download

9. Mindfulness of Clouds and Sky—7 minutes (Chapter 8) - stream - download

10. Mindfulness of Emotions—5 minutes (Chapter 12) - stream - download

11. Mountain Meditation—8 minutes (Chapter 12) - stream - download
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