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ADHD in Adults

Russell A. Barkley
Produced by Dawkins Productions

August 7, 2006
ISBN 9781593853891
Price: $110.00
28 Pages
36-Minute DVD + 28-Page Manual + Leader's Guide
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“My adult group viewed this video....Everyone enjoyed the video and felt they had learned from it. We plan to use the video as an inservice to new members at their first meeting.”

ADDult News

“Barkley is a recognized scholar in the field and has an excellent camera presence....The video is all live action with interesting camera shots from many angles. The compositions are creative and revelatory when they include spouses or children....As a working group tool or an educational guide, the video is informative and helpful on its own. It is appropriate for adult viewers in education, medical, and public libraries.”

Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“Filled with hope, scientific information, and compassion, Dr. Barkley's video on the topic of attention deficit disorders in adults is appropriate for many audiences. I have found it especially useful as a resource in group and individual counseling, as well as staff development. Practitioners and consumers (of services for ADD) alike praise the quality of the content and production of this video program.”

—Mary McDonald Richard, Student Disability Services, University of Iowa