"The Marketing team at Guilford has done a fantastic job of getting the word out about our book. I am impressed and grateful. Thank you so much!"

"I am so grateful to Guilford for all the wonderful marketing of Getting Past the Affair."

"You all have been wonderful! I am so happy with your promotion and marketing of my books."

"I really appreciate the customized catalogs for different audiences that feature our book. Guilford's Marketing department does extraordinarily excellent work!"

"Guilford has been so instrumental in helping psychotherapy to evolve, and specifically in the world of mindfulness training and now compassion training. It's a big new frontier. Our experience with Guilford has been truly exceptional. From our initial contact regarding the proposal, through the writing process, into production and marketing, we were always guided by skillful, friendly, professional, reliable, responsive people who, amazingly, also seem to talk with each other. Thank you all!"

"We were so excited to receive our book in the mail this week. We are so pleased with the final product! It is the culmination of 2 years of work, and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to write it and to work with a team of people who were able to turn our ideas into reality. Thank you for your efforts, advice, and support throughout the creation and publication of the book. We look forward to the next chapter of collaboration with you as we market the book!"

"Working with the staff at The Guilford Press has been a genuine pleasure. C. Deborah Laughton, Publisher of Guilford’s Methodology and Statistics program, with whom I’ve now had the privilege of developing three books, is without peer. Her wisdom, experience, and commitment to the project were key to its development and completion. In addition, members of the production staff at Guilford handled the challenging manuscript with skill."

"After seeing our book's page on Guilford's website, I have to say I am really thrilled with it. The cover looks great. And the thing I am most happy about is the price. I was expecting it to be considerably higher, and thus out of reach for the therapists who may benefit most from it. Other than marrying my husband, the decision to go with Guilford is the best decision I've made in life!"

"I am grateful that you were open to my input on the cover. In the other book projects that I have worked on, no other publisher was ever interested in our opinion. When Paul Gordon (Guilford's Art Director) and I sat down to talk, I was floored that he wanted to listen and collaborate. Paul has an extraordinary gift. He was able to understand the idea I wanted to convey, visualize the essential elements, and translate them into a handsome design."

"The layout of the text is great. Guilford has done an outstanding job with this book. From the very beginning, Guilford combined personal attention and collaboration with the highest professional standards and expert advice. The copy writing was wonderful—meticulous and thoughtful. The art department creatively played off our suggestions and gave us just what we wanted. The marketing has been thorough and ambitious. Communication from all members of your team has always been responsive. We could not have been more fortunate than to have you shepherding us!"

"I have been thoroughly impressed with all the Guilford staff I've worked with on my books, including tasks such as ensuring that I have a link from my website to the Guilford site, working with workshop organizers to ensure that my books are present, producing flyers and catalogs, etc. After devoting so much time and effort to writing, it is most heartening to me to receive the type of promotion Guilford gives our work. My experience with Guilford versus other publishers has been like 'day and night.'"

"I was so pleased when I found splendid paperback copies of the book waiting for me in my office. C. Deborah Laughton did wonderful work as our editor. The whole publishing process went very smoothly and the copy editor and cover designer did excellent work. The speed and turnaround were remarkable once we submitted our manuscript."

"Not only the final outcome, but the process was one of the best I have had in producing 19 books. Every stage was handled well, with attention to detail, accommodation, and concern for improving the book all the way along."

"Once the idea for a book takes shape in the minds of the authors, a strong publishing company becomes an essential partner in the process of turning ideas into a finished product. In our experience, there is no better publisher than The Guilford Press in helping authors to shape the content and presentation of ideas for an intended audience."

"My hat is off to the world-class publishing team at Guilford Press. From copyediting to layout, cover design and marketing, they have honored my vision. I also applaud Guilford Press for continuing to prioritize students and knowledge advancement over profits. The handbook is a whopping 738 pages and priced at less than half the cost of competing handbooks (it costs less than the average 300-page textbook). They set this price without sacrificing quality and production."

"We wish to thank the two best editors in the universe, Chris Benton and Kitty Moore at The Guilford Press. Thanks for believing in us, for being so generous with your time and expertise, and for holding our hands through the long days and nights of writing and revising. Without your creativity, encouragement, and fabulous sense of humor, this book would never have come to pass."

"My book just came! It is beautiful, and I am so happy and most grateful to everyone I worked with at Guilford for the wonderful support, help, and encouragement."

"Working with editor C. Deborah Laughton was an author's dream come true! Supportive, wise, responsive, witty, and a consummate professional in the fine art of publishing, she makes the journey from prospectus to 'in print' so painless that it's almost magical."

"It has been a real pleasure working with Guilford on this book, and I look forward to more in the future. I've published with a range of well-known presses, and Guilford is as tight, clean, and accommodating as it gets, from the idea stage to production. I have been so pleased at every step of the way. Frankly, the reason I've enjoyed the experience so much is because I've only had to write the content—in terms of all details, I don't need to worry. The Guilford label has always meant quality to me as a consumer, but now I can vouch for it as an author, too."

"Guilford is a highly organized press, from the senior editors to the production folks and sales reps. They are efficient and a joy to work with!"

"I would like to thank you guys for another outstanding job. Working with Guilford has spoiled me for working with other publishers. You really are the best..."

"I have been so pleased working with Guilford on several books, including Motivational Interviewing. I have worked with quite a few different houses, and have never experienced anything close to Guilford's creativity, attention to detail, superb editing, consistent support for authors, and excellent and timely production. You do terrific work from start to finish."

"I have had good experiences with other publishers, and yet, rarely do I find the degree of collaboration that exists at Guilford. It is rare to experience vision, practical, and clinical sense from an editor—a combination I felt continuously from Kitty Moore, Executive Editor at Guilford. Kitty is, by now, one of the most clinically astute and market-wise editors I know. It is easy working with her for these gifts, but it is also easy because she succeeds at creating what we therapists try to create—an ability to speak openly and then seriously work through difficult issues. Other authors in the field: If you have a chance to work with Kitty, jump at it. A book is not just a book. It is an organization, a collection of peers who try very hard to do the best they can."