Addiction and Change

Second Edition
How Addictions Develop and Addicted People Recover

Carlo C. DiClemente

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January 18, 2018
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December 4, 2017
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I. Understanding Addictions in Terms of Change

1. Models of Addiction and Change

2. The Process of Human Intentional Behavior Change

3. The Well-Maintained Addiction: An Ending and a Beginning

II. The Road to Addiction: The Journey through the Stages of Addiction

4. Exploring the Precontemplation and Contemplation Stages of Becoming Addicted and Interventions to Prevent Initiation

5. Preparation: The Critical Transition Stage from Contemplation through Experimentation to Regular Use

6. Repeated and Regular Use: Moving into Action on the Road to Addiction

III. Quitting an Addiction: The Journey through the Stages of Recovery

7. Precontemplation for Recovery: Cultivating Seeds for Change

8. The Decision to Change: Moving from the Contemplation Stage to the Preparation Stage of Recovery

9. Preparing for Action: Creating Commitment and a Plan

10. Taking Action to Change an Addiction

11. The Long Haul: Well-Maintained Recovery

IV. Research and Interventions and a Comprehensive Understanding of Addictions

12. Designing Interventions: Research Informed by the Process of Initiation and Recovery

13. Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Addiction