Behavior Analysis

Translational Perspectives and Clinical Practice

Edited by Henry S. Roane, Andrew R. Craig, Valdeep Saini, and Joel E. Ringdahl

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January 18, 2024
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I. Basic Principles of Behavior Analysis

1. Translational Science in Behavior Analysis: Some Observations and a Case History, Carol Pilgrim & Richelle Hurtado

2. Quantitative Approaches to Translational Research in Behavior Analysis, Adam E. Fox

II. Experimental Methodology

3. Single-Case Experimental Designs, Kevin M. Ayres

4. Hybrid Experimental Designs: Combining Single-Subject and Group-Based Methods, Jonathan E. Friedel, Jeremy M. Haynes, Katherine R. Brown, & Amy L. Odum

5. Some Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring Behavior, Elizabeth G. E. Kyonka & Shrinidhi Subramaniam

III. Pavlovian Conditioning

6. Pavlovian Conditioning: Principles to Guide Application, Eric A. Thrailkill & Catalina N. Rey

7. Stimulus Selection and Stimulus Competition, Martha Escobar, Zebulon K. Bell, & Francisco Arcediano

8. Fear Conditioning, Anxiety, and Phobias: Considerations for Operant-Respondent Interactions, Adam Brewer, Yanerys Leon, Stephanie C. Kuhn, David Kuhn, & Michael W. Schlund

IV. Operant Conditioning

9. Reinforcement: Foundational Principles and Their Applications, Charlene N. Agnew, Rafaela M. Fontes, Nicole M. DeRosa, & Andrew R. Craig

10. Punishment, Rusty W. Nall, Tara Fahmie, & Amanda N. Zangrillo

11. Schedules of Reinforcement and Punishment: Translation into Applications, Alec M. Bernstein, Nathan A. Call, Kennon A. Lattal, & Victoria R. Verdun

12. Extinction, Kelly M. Schieltz, Karen M. Lionello-DeNolf, & Jennifer J. McComas

13. Translational Approaches to Differential Reinforcement, Brian D. Greer

14. Stimulus Control: What Is It and Why Should We Care?, Sarah Cowie, Rebecca A. Sharp, & Stephanie Gomes-Ng

V. Advanced Topics in Translational Research

15. Motivation as a Platform for Translational Research, Michael E. Kelley, Dana M. Gadaire, & Andrew R. Craig

16. Translational Approaches to Choice, Jennifer J. McComas, Corina Jimenez-Gomez, & Shawn Gilroy

17. Verbal Behavior: From the Laboratory to the Field and Back, Anna Ingeborg Petursdottir & Einar T. Ingvarsson

18. Resistance to Change from Bench to Bedside (and Back Again), Andrew R. Craig, Joel E. Ringdahl, & William E. Sullivan sample

19. An Introduction to Laboratory Models of Relapse for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists and Researchers, Valdeep Saini, Carolyn M. Ritchey, & Christopher A. Podlesnik

20. Operant Variability, Terry S. Falcomata & Allen Neuringer

21. Behavioral Economics for Applied Behavior Analysts, Gregory J. Madden, Derek D. Reed, & Dorothea C. Lerman

22. Translating Impulsivity, David P. Jarmolowicz & Robert S. LeComte

23. Behavioral Pharmacology, Alison D. Cox, Craige Wrenn, and Maria G. Valdovinos

24. Relational Frame Theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Jordan Belisle & Jonathan Tarbox

25. Ethical Considerations of Translational Research, Alison M. Betz