Behavioral Activation with Adolescents

A Clinician's Guide

Elizabeth McCauley, Kelly A. Schloredt, Gretchen R. Gudmundsen, Christopher R. Martell, and Sona Dimidjian

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February 19, 2016
ISBN 9781462523986
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January 28, 2016
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“This is a well-executed text which carefully and clearly explicates the A-BAP program and provides a well-laid out, reproducible treatment protocol. This text would be a valuable asset to any clinic that works with depressed teens or to any practitioner that wishes to become more educated regarding behavioral activation as it applies to the adolescent population. This book would be valuable to any graduate mental health education program where there is a focus on treatment and the provision of empirically supported treatment protocols.”

Child and Family Behavior Therapy

“There are copious good-quality A4 handouts for adolescents and their parents to support each module (these are also available online for downloading and printing if you have bought the book). It was especially lovely to see a warm acknowledgement of the diversity of families and parenting arrangements. I could not fault this book. I am glad to have it to hand on my bookshelf and would gladly recommend it to both newly qualified and experienced therapists.”

BACP Children and Young People

“This marvelous volume provides thoughtful guidance for adapting BA—one of the most promising therapies for depression to enter the field in the last two decades—to the treatment of adolescents. The book combines a rich theoretical overview and a straightforward approach to implementation. Developmentally sophisticated and clinically instructive, it should prove to be a most valuable addition to the clinical literature.”

—Steven D. Hollon, PhD, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology, Vanderbilt University

“BA is an effective evidence-based treatment for depression, with comparable effects to more complex cognitive-behavioral protocols. This clinical guide is based on the authors' broad experience and research. Combining scientific findings with practical guidelines for conducting BA with adolescents, this is an essential resource.”

—Pim Cuijpers, PhD, Department of Clinical Psychology, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“This book should be on the shelf of all clinicians who work with mood-disordered adolescents, from entry-level therapists to advanced practitioners. BA has been shown to be an effective treatment for adult depression, but until now, there has not been a developmentally appropriate adaption that clinicians could readily utilize. McCauley and colleagues present a clear, step-by-step approach that is grounded in theory, research, and extensive clinical experience. The book is designed to teach clinicians how to help their clients experience more rewarding lives; those who read it will be rewarded as well.”

—David A. Brent, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Endowed Chair in Suicide Studies, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“This outstanding clinician's guide provides a cogent rationale for the treatment model and step-by-step instructions on how to structure the sessions, which techniques to use when, and ways to address common treatment challenges. The detailed reproducible handouts are invaluable for both new and experienced clinicians. Case vignettes enable the reader to visualize the course of treatment for a diverse set of problems associated with depression in adolescents. This is an excellent text for students in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. It should be a mandatory addition to any clinician’s library of empirically supported treatments for adolescents.”

—Laura H. Mufson, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center and New York State Psychiatric Institute