Best Practices in Writing Instruction

Third Edition

Edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, and Michael A. Hebert

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December 26, 2018
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I. Introduction

1. Evidence-Based Practices in Writing, Steve Graham & Karen R. Harris sample

II. Creating a Supportive Writing Environment

2. Setting Up the Writing Classroom, Linda Friedrich

3. Motivating Writers, Pietro Boscolo & Carmen Gelati

III. Writing for Different Purposes

4. Narrative Writing, Carol Booth Olson & Lauren Godfrey

5. Writing from Source Material, Michael Hebert

6. Argumentative Writing, Ralph P. Ferretti & William E. Lewis

7. Writing to Learn, Perry D. Klein, Katrina N. Haug, & Ashley Bildfell

8. Writing with Digital Tools, Rachel Karchmer-Klein

IV. Teaching Writing

9. Handwriting and Spelling, Rui Alexandre Alves, Teresa Limpo, Naymé Salas, & R. Malatesha Joshi

10. Sentence Construction, Bruce Saddler

11. Planning, Debra McKeown & Erin FitzPatrick

12. Evaluation and Revision, Charles A. MacArthur

13. Reading–Writing Connections, Timothy Shanahan

14. Assessing Writing, Joshua Wilson

15. Instruction for Students with Special Needs, Amy Gillespie Rouse

16. Instruction for English Learners, Adrian Pasquarella