Bipolar Disorder

Second Edition
A Family-Focused Treatment Approach

David J. Miklowitz

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February 8, 2010
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Copyright Date: 2008
June 6, 2017
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I. Bipolar Disorder and Families: Clinical and Research Background

1. Bipolar Disorder: Why Family Treatment?

2. The Nature of Bipolar Disorder and Its Impact on the Family

3. Family and Social Factors in the Course of Bipolar Disorder

II. Conducting Family-Focused Treatment

4. Planning the First Encounter

5. The Functional Assessment

6. Family Psychoeducation: The Initial Sessions

7. Family Psychoeducation: Etiology, Treatment, and Self-Management

8. Family Psychoeducation: Dealing with Resistances

9. Communication Enhancement Training: Rationale and Mechanics

10. Communication Enhancement Training: Clinical Issues

11. Dealing with Family Problems

12. Managing Crises in Family-Focused Treatment

13. Termination