COVID-19: Psychological Research from 2020 on the Emerging Pandemic

Edited by The Guilford Press

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March 20, 2024
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1. Loneliness among Young Adults During Covid-19 Pandemic: The Mediational Roles of Social Media Use and Social Support Seeking, Ellie Lisitsa, Katherine S. Benjamin, Sarah K. Chun, Jordan Skalisky, Lauren E. Hammond, & Amy H. Mezulis sample

2. Motivated Helplessness in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence for a Curvilinear Relationship Between Perceived Ability to Avoid the Virus and Anxiety, Uri Lifshin, Mario Mikulincer, & Mabelle Kretchner

3. The Psychodynamic Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Care in the Era of COVID-19, Douglas H. Ingram & Kimberly Best

4. Five Months Later: The Psychodynamic Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Care in the Era of COVID-19, Kimberly Best & Douglas H. Ingram

5. Social Engagement Early in the U.S. COVID-19 Crisis: Exploring Social Support and Prosocial Behavior Between Those With and Without Depression or Anxiety in an Online Sample, Adam P. McGuire, Candice Hayden, Sheila B. Frankfurt, A. Solomon Kurz, Austen R. Anderson, Binh An N. Howard & Yvette Z. Szabo

6. Coping with Covid-19: Resilience and Psychological Well-Being in the Midst of a Pandemic, Edward D. Sturman

7. Brief Report: Can Political Orientation Explain Mental Health in the Time of a Global Pandemic? Voting Patterns, Personal and National Coping Resources, and Mental Health During the Coronavirus Crisis, Adi Mana & Shifra Sagy

8. A Psychiatric Residency in the Era of COVID-19: A Bionian Perspective, Christopher T. Lim, Zachary B. Harris, & Marissa P. Caan