COVID-19: Psychological Research from 2020 on the Emerging Pandemic

Edited by The Guilford Press

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This book presents a range of research on COVID-19 and mental health from the earliest days of the pandemic. It features selected 2020 articles from the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology and Psychodynamic Psychiatry. The book explores how the pandemic affected mental health providers, their practices, and their patients. Topics include:
  • The effects of social distancing on social engagement.
  • Coping with the pandemic among people with depression and anxiety.
  • Whether political orientations align with coping mechanisms.
  • Social media use and loneliness among young adults.
  • How service delivery and clinical training were challenged by—and responded to—the unfolding crisis.
Whether addressing the isolation of those early days or the realities of providing much-needed psychiatric care, this book highlights key findings and research directions that continue to shape our thinking about the pandemic today.