Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Third Edition
Basics and Beyond

Judith S. Beck
Foreword by Aaron T. Beck

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October 9, 2020
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September 30, 2020
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Foreword, Aaron T. Beck

1. Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

2. Overview of Treatment

3. Cognitive Conceptualization

4. The Therapeutic Relationship

5. The Evaluation Session

6. The First Therapy Session

7. Activity Scheduling

8. Action Plans

9. Treatment Planning

10. Structuring Sessions

11. Problems in Structuring Sessions sample

12. Identifying Automatic Thoughts

13. Emotions

14. Evaluating Automatic Thoughts

15. Responding to Automatic Thoughts

16. Integrating Mindfulness into CBT

17. Introduction to Beliefs

18. Modifying Beliefs

19. Additional Techniques

20. Imagery

21. Termination and Relapse Prevention

22. Problems in Therapy

Appendix A. CBT Resources

Appendix B. Beck Institute Case Write-Up: Summary and Conceptualization

Appendix C. Steps in the AWARE Technique

Appendix D. Restructuring the Meaning of Early Memories Through Experiential Techniques


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