Disciplinary Literacies

Unpacking Research, Theory, and Practice

Edited by Evan Ortlieb, Britnie Delinger Kane, and Earl H. Cheek, Jr.

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January 3, 2024
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1. Tracing the History of Disciplinary Literacies, Britnie Dellinger Kane, Evan Ortlieb, & Earl H. Cheek, Jr. sample

I. Disciplinary Literacies in Core Content-Area Classrooms

2. Teaching and Learning Literary Literacy, Emily C. Rainey, Corey A. Humphrey, & Gianina Morales

3. Disciplinary Literacy in Mathematics, Keri-Anne Croce

4. Promoting Science Literacy through Reading: A Disciplinary Literacy Approach, Zhihui Fang & Natalie Colosimo

5. Integrative, Culturally Responsive Disciplinary Literacy Instruction in Social Studies, Tamara Shreiner

II. Disciplinary Literacies in Other Areas

6. Disciplinary Literacy and Physical Education, Kavin M. Ming

7. Disciplinary Literacy in the Visual Arts, Jennifer Morrison

8. Disciplinary Literacy in the Performing Arts, Rachelle S. Savitz & Alison E. Leonard

9. Disciplinary Literacy in Computer Science, Amy Hutchison & Jamie Colwell

III. Opportunities and Challenges in Disciplinary Literacies

10. Centering Minoritized Voices in Disciplinary Literacy Instruction, Alexis Patterson Williams & Danny C. Martinez

11. Who Defines Disciplinary Literacy, and at What Grade Levels Should It Be Taught?, Rachael E. Gabriel & Shannon Kelley

12. Cultivating Disciplinary Literacy Spaces for Youth Connection and Agency, Philip Wilder & Michael Manderino

13. Transcending Disciplinary Literacy in a Digital World, Ian O’Byrne

IV. Research and Teaching Teachers in Disciplinary Literacies

14. Methodologies in Research on Disciplinary Literacy in English Language Arts, Jodi P. Lampi, Jodi Patrick Holschuh, Leslie S. Rush, & Todd Reynolds

15. Collaborative Inquiry to Drive Development of Disciplinary Literacy Pedagogy: Purposeful Experiences across Teacher Development, Christina Dobbs, Jacy Ippolito, & Megin Charner-Laird