Dyadic Data Analysis

David A. Kenny, Deborah A. Kashy, and William L. Cook
Foreword by Jeffry A. Simpson

July 28, 2006
ISBN 9781572309869
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458 Pages
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1. Basic Definitions and Overview


Basic Definitions

Data Organization

A Database of Dyadic Studies

2. The Measurement of Nonindependence

Interval Level of Measurement

Categorical Measures

Consequences of Ignoring Nonindependence

What Not to Do

Power Considerations

3. Analyzing Between- and Within-Dyads Independent Variables

Interval Outcome Measures and Categorical Independent Variables

Interval Outcome Measures and Interval Independent Variables

Categorical Outcome Variables

4. Using Multilevel Modeling to Study Dyads

Mixed-Model ANOVA

Multilevel-Model Equations

Multilevel Modeling with Maximum Likelihood

Adaptation of Multilevel Models to Dyadic Data

5. Using Structural Equation Modeling to Study Dyads

Steps in SEM

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Path Analyses with Dyadic Data

SEM for Dyads with Indistinguishable Members

6. Tests of Correlational Structure and Differential Variance

Distinguishable Dyads

Indistinguishable Dyads

7. Analyzing Mixed Independent Variables: The Actor–Partner Interdependence Model

The Model

Conceptual Interpretation of Actor and Partner Effects

Estimation of the APIM: Indistinguishable Dyad Members

Estimation of the APIM: Distinguishable Dyads

Power and Effect Size Computation

Specification Error in the APIM

8. Social Relations Designs with Indistinguishable Members

The Basic Data Structures


Details of an SRM Analysis


Social Relations Analyses: An Example

9. Social Relations Designs with Roles

SRM Studies of Family Relationships

Design and Analysis of Studies

The Model

Application of the SRM with Roles Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis

The Four-Person Design

Illustration of the Four-Person Family Design

The Three-Person Design

Multiple Perspectives on Family Relationships

Means and Factor Score Estimation

Power and Sample Size

10. One-with-Many Designs

Design Issues

Measuring Nonindependence

The Meaning of Nonindependence in the One-with-Many Design

Univariate Analysis with Indistinguishable Partners

Univariate Estimation with Distinguishable Partners

The Reciprocal One-with-Many Design

11. Social Network Analysis


The Representation of a Network

Network Measures

The p1

12. Dyadic Indexes

Item Measurement Issues

Measures of Profile Similarity

Mean and Variance of the Dyadic Index

Stereotype Accuracy

Differential Endorsement of the Stereotype

Pseudo-Couple Analysis

Idiographic versus Nomothetic Analysis


13. Over-Time Analyses: Interval Outcomes

Cross-Lagged Regressions

Over-Time Standard APIM

Growth-Curve Analysis

Cross-Spectral Analysis

Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling

14. Over-Time Analyses: Dichotomous Outcomes

Sequential Analysis

Statistical Analysis of Sequential Data: Log-Linear Analysis

Statistical Analysis of Sequential Data: Multilevel Modeling

Event-History Analysis

15. Concluding Comments

Specialized Dyadic Models

Going Beyond the Dyad

Conceptual and Practical Issues

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dyadic Data Analysis

The Last Word


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