Handbook of Personality Development

Edited by Dan P. McAdams, Rebecca L. Shiner, and Jennifer L. Tackett

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February 27, 2019
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I. Personality Development and Human Nature

1. The Emergence of Personality, Dan P. McAdams

2. The Evolutionary Context of Personality Development, Marco Del Giudice

3. Theoretical Concepts in the Genetics of Personality Development, Elliot M. Tucker-Drob & Daniel A. Briley

4. The Development of a Person: A Relational–Developmental Systems Perspective, Richard M. Lerner & Jacqueline V. Lerner

II. Social Actors: From Temperament to Personality Traits

5. Personality Neuroscience: A Developmental Perspective, Colin G. DeYoung & Timothy A. Allen

6. Emotion Reactivity and Regulation: A Developmental Model of Links between Temperament and Personality, Kristin A. Buss, Koraly Pérez-Edgar, Alicia Vallorani, & Berenice Anaya

7. Extraversion: Description, Development, and Mechanisms, Luke D. Smillie, Margaret L. Kern, & Mirko Uljarevic

8. Negative Emotionality and Neuroticism from Childhood through Adulthood: A Lifespan Perspective, Rebecca L. Shiner

9. Lifespan Development of Conscientiousness, Joshua J. Jackson & Patrick Hill

10. Agreeableness, Jennifer L. Tackett, Maciel Hernández, & Nancy Eisenberg

11. The Structure, Measurement, and Development of Openness to Experience across Adulthood, Ted Schwaba

12. Temperament and Personality Trait Development in the Family: Interactions and Transactions with Parenting from Infancy through Adolescence, Liliana J. Lengua, Maria A. Gartstein, & Peter Prinzie

13. Culture, Context, and the Development of Traits, Helena R. Slobodskaya

14. Stability and Change in Personality Traits over the Lifespan, Wiebke Bleidorn & Christopher J. Hopwood

III. Motivated Agents: The Development of Goals and Values

15. Attachment and Social Development within a Life-History Perspective, Jeffry A. Simpson & Rachel E. Jones

16. Needs, Motives, and Personality Development: Unanswered Questions and Exciting Potentials, Kennon M. Sheldon & Julia Schüler

17. Achievement Strivings: Motives and Goals that Promote Competence, Amanda M. Durik & K. Ann Renninger

18. Personality Development in Adulthood: A Goal Perspective, Alexandra M. Freund, Christopher M. Napolitano, & Joshua L. Rutt

19. Development of Self-Esteem across the Lifespan, Ulrich Orth & Richard W. Robins

20. Moral Development and Moral Values: Evolutionary and Neurobiological Influences, Darcia Narvaez

21. Religion, Spirituality, and the Agential Self, Paul Wink, Michele Dillon, & Dan Farina

22. Culture and the Development of Motives, Values, and Social Selves, Gary S. Gregg

IV. Autobiographical Authors: Life Stories and the Search for Meaning

23. Developmental Foundations of the Narrative Author in Early Mother–Child Reminiscing, Robyn Fivush, Elaine Reese, & Jordan A. Booker

24. Narrative Identity in Adolescence and Adulthood: Pathways of Development, Kate C. McLean & Jennifer P. Lilgendahl

25. Narrative Identity Development across the Lifespan and Psychological Well-Being, Jonathan M. Adler

26. Narrative, Identity, and Identity Statuses: Reflections on the Kaleidoscopic Self, Ruthellen Josselson

27. The Dialogic Development of Personality: Narrative, Culture, and the Study of Lives, Phillip L. Hammack & Erin E. Toolis

V. Applications and Integrations

28. Personality Development and Health, Sarah E. Hampson sample

29. The Development of Subjective Well-Being across the Lifespan, Nathan Hudson, Richard E. Lucas, & M. Brent Donnellan

30. Personality Development and Internalizing Psychopathology, C. Emily Durbin

31. Personality Development and Externalizing Psychopathology, Michelle M. Martel, Tess E. Smith, & Christine A. Lee

32. The Development of Personality Disorders, Andrew M. Chanen & Katherine M. Thompson

33. Personality Development and Relationships in Adulthood, Jennifer M. Senia & M. Brent Donnellan