Handbook of Professional Development in Education

Successful Models and Practices, PreK-12

Edited by Linda E. Martin, Sherry Kragler, Diana J. Quatroche, and Kathryn L. Bauserman
Foreword by Andy Hargreaves

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April 15, 2014
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Foreword, Andy Hargreaves

I. Professional Development, Past and Present

1. Teachers as Professionals: Evolving Definitions of Staff Development, Ann Lieberman & Lynne Miller

2. Federal Investments in Professional Development: What Do 50 Years of Experience Tell Us about What It Takes to Make a Difference?, Richard Long

3. High-Quality Research-Based Professional Development: An Essential for Enhancing High-Quality Teaching, Allison Swan Dagen & Rita M. Bean

II. The Complexity of Professional Development in Today's Schools

4. Shaping the Contours of Professional Development, PreK–12: Successful Models and Practices, D. Ray Reutzel & Sarah K. Clark

5. Changing the Relationship between Professional Development Policy and the Practitioner's Role, Ann Jaquith

6. Communities, Schools, and Teachers, Mavis G. Sanders & Claudia Galindo

7. District Issues: Administrators at All Levels Involved In Teachers’ Professional Development, Marilyn Tallerico

8. Sociocultural Approaches to Professional Development: Supporting Sustainable School Change, Taffy E. Raphael, Jaime Madison Vasquez, Angela Joy Fortune, James R. Gavelek, & Kathryn H. Au

9. Professional Development in Early Childhood Education: Models and Recommendations, Maryann Mraz & Brian Kissel

10. The Design and Implementation of Effective Professional Development in Elementary and Early Childhood Settings, Priscilla L. Griffith, Jiening Ruan, Jennifer Stepp, & Susan J. Kimmel

11. Effective Professional Development in Secondary Schools, Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

III. Developing Solutions for Effective Professional Development

12. Characteristics of Adult Learning: Implications for the Design and Implementation of Professional Development Programs, Ruth L. Rohlwing & Maureen Spelman

13. Focusing Attention on Beliefs about Capability and Knowledge in Teachers’ Professional Development, Megan Tschannen-Moran & Jason A. Chen

14. Investing in Youth by Investing in Teachers: Transforming Adolescent Literacy through Responsive Professional Development, William G. Brozo

15. Involving Teachers in Their Own Professional Development, Peter Youngs & John Lane

16. Using Action Research to Target and Generate Professional Learning, Jennifer Jacobs & Diane Yendol-Hoppey

17. Leading Professional Learning in Districts with a Student Learning Culture, William A. Firestone & Melinda M. Mangin

18. Developing Partnerships through Collaboration to Promote Professional Development, Shelley B. Wepner

19. Content Knowledge for Teaching: Framing Effective Professional Development, Jennifer Merriman

20. Standards-Based Professional Learning and Certification: By the Profession, for the Profession, Lawrence Ingvarson

21. The School as a Center of Inquiry, Bruce Joyce & Emily F. Calhoun

22. Supporting Professional Growth through External Resources, Diana J. Quatroche, Kathryn L. Bauserman, & Leah Nellis

III. Pulling It Together

23. Measuring the Effectiveness of Educators’ Professional Development, Thomas R. Guskey

24. Sustaining Teacher Professional Development, Laura M. Desimone & Daniel Stuckey

25. Lessons Learned: What Our History and Research Tell Us about Teachers’ Professional Learning, Sherry Kragler, Linda E. Martin, & Ruth Sylvester

Appendix. Case Studies: Successful Schools That Have Supported Teachers' Professional Development