Handbook of Research-Based Practice in Early Education

Edited by D. Ray Reutzel

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April 24, 2013
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I. All Stakeholders on Deck

1. How We Can Change the Odds for Children At Risk: Principles for Effective Leadership in Early Childhood, Susan B. Neuman

2. Every Teacher Learning: Professional Development Design in P–3 Literacy Practice, Kathleen A. Roskos

3. The Preparation of Early Childhood Teachers: Fundamental Components of a Teacher Education Program, Olivia N. Saracho

4. Involving Parents and Community Members: Coming Together for Children, Douglas R. Powell

5. Advocacy for Young Children: Engaging with Policymakers and the Politically Powerful, Judith E. Kieff

II. One Size Doesn't Fit All

6. Designing and Managing Effective Early Childhood Classroom Environments, D. Ray Reutzel & Cindy D. Jones

7. Learning through Play, Lesley Mandel Morrow, Samantha B. Berkule, Alan L. Mendelsohn, Kellyanne M. Healey, & Carolyn Brockmeyer Cates

8. Differentiating Instruction, Carol Ann Tomlinson & Marcia B. Imbeau

9. Teaching Young English Learners, Claude Goldenberg, Judy Hicks, & Ira Lit

10. Timely Support for Struggling Learners: Response to Intervention, Amanda C. Miller, Jessica R. Toste, Douglas Fuchs, & Lynn S. Fuchs

11. Digital Reading and Writing: Pedagogy for the Digital Child, Linda D. Labbo & Silvia Noguerón-Liu

12. Motivating and Engaging Children in Early Childhood Settings, M. Deanna Ramey & Linda B. Gambrell

III. Effective Teaching Standards, Curricula, and Assessment

13. Common Core State Standards: Educating Young Children for Global Excellence, Timothy Shanahan

14. Effective Programs of Instruction for All Students, Michael C. McKenna & Sharon Walpole

15. Enhancing Social and Emotional Learning, Bonnie Brinton & Martin Fujiki

16. Assessing Young Children's Learning, Ruth Alfaro Piker & Abigail M. Jewkes

17. Assessing the Effectiveness of Environments and Instruction in Early Childhood Settings, Bridget E. Hatfield & Robert C. Pianta

IV. Effective Instruction Across the Curriculum

18. Promoting Physical Literacy and Activity in Young Children, Jacqueline D. Goodway, John C. Ozmun, Shannon T. Dieringer, & Jihyun Lee

19. No Fine Art Left Behind: Creative and Expressive Education, Sylvia Munsen

20. Instructional Design That Leads to the Development of Young Scientists, Susan A. Kirch 

21. Solving Problems: Mathematics for Young Children, Douglas H. Clements & Julie Sarama

22. Read Me a Story: Reaping the Benefits of Reading for Young Children, Lea M. McGee

23. How Do You Write?: Writing for Young Children, Steven Graham & Karen R. Harris

24. Learning to Work It Out: Social Education for Young Students, Linda S. Levstik

25. Talk It Out: Building Oral Language, Christina Yeager Pelatti, Mary Beth Schmitt, & Laura M. Justice