Handbook of Self and Identity

Second Edition

Edited by Mark R. Leary and June Price Tangney

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December 28, 2011
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1. The Self as an Organizing Construct in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Mark R. Leary and June Price Tangney

I. Awareness, Cognition, and Regulation

2. Self as Psycho-Social Dynamic Processing System: Toward a Converging Science of Selfhood, Carolyn C. Morf and Walter Mischel

3. Self-Awareness, Charles S. Carver

4. Self, Self-Concept, and Identity, Daphna Oyserman, Kristen Elmore, and George Smith

5. Organization of Self-Knowledge: Features, Functions, and Flexibility, Carolin J. Showers and Virgil Zeigler-Hill

6. Reflected Appraisal through a 21st-Century Looking Glass, Harry M. Wallace and Dianne M. Tice

7. Expandable Selves, Gregory M. Walton, David Paunesku, and Carol S. Dweck

8. Implicit Self and Identity, Thierry Devos, Que-Lam Huynh, and Mahzarin R. Banaji

9. Self-Regulation and the Executive Function of the Self, Roy F. Baumeister and Kathleen D. Vohs

10. Self-Efficacy, James E. Maddux and Jennifer T. Gosselin

11. Multiple Identities within a Single Self: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Internalization within Contexts and Cultures, Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci

12. Self-Regulation Failure and Health: Pathways to Mental and Physical Illness, Timothy J. Strauman and Elena L. Goetz

13. Hypo-Egoic Mindsets: Antecedents and Implications of Quieting the Self, Mark R. Leary and Meredith L. Terry

II. Evaluation, Motivation, and Emotion

14. Social Self-Analysis: Constructing and Maintaining Personal Identity, Mark D. Alicke, Corey L. Guenther, and Ethan Zell

15. Contingencies of Self-Worth, Jennifer Crocker and Lora E. Park

16. Self-Protection, Constantine Sedikides

17. Individual Differences in Self-Esteem, Geoff MacDonald and Mark R. Leary

18. Freedom versus Fear Revisited: An Integrative Analysis of the Dynamics of the Defense and Growth of Self, Tom Pyszczynski, Jeff Greenberg, and Jamie Arndt

19. Self-Verification: The Search for Coherence, William B. Swann, Jr., and Michael D. Buhrmester

20. Self and Emotion, Paul J. Silvia and Kari M. Eddington

21. Self-Conscious Emotions, June Price Tangney and Jessica L. Tracy

III. Interpersonal Behavior and Culture

22. The Relation of Self to Social Perception, David Dunning

23. Social Identity and the Psychology of Groups, Michael A. Hogg

24. Self and Close Relationships, Arthur Aron and Natalie Nardone

25. Self-Presentation, Barry R. Schlenker

26. Contemporary Perspectives on Narcissism and the Narcissistic Personality Type, Frederick Rhodewalt

27. Cultural Models of the Self, Susan E. Cross and Jonathan S. Gore

IV. Physiological, Phylogenetic, and Developmental Perspectives

28. The Two Selves: The Self of Conscious Experience and Its Brain, Stanley B. Klein

29. A Social Neuroscience Perspective on the Self, Jennifer S. Beer

30. Self-Recognition in Animals, Robert W. Mitchell

31. Emerging Self-Processes during Childhood and Adolescence, Susan Harter