Handbook of Self and Identity

Second Edition

Edited by Mark R. Leary and June Price Tangney

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December 28, 2011
ISBN 9781462503056
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December 20, 2013
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December 21, 2011
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Handbook of Self and Identity is dynamite....Almost every finding relates uncannily to the issues my patients bring to sessions....The editors' care and scrutiny are evident throughout this attractive volume. The book is well-organized, well-indexed, and easy to read.”

Psychiatric Services

“Terrific. A handbook should provide a comprehensive and current review of the field it covers, and the Handbook of Self and Identity delivers in each respect. This handbook would make a fine introduction in an advanced undergraduate course (assuming knowledgeable and engaged students), and an even better review of the field for graduate students....The book is also valuable to professionals working in the areas of self and identity.”


“This is a well-written book by influential authors who are experts in this field....It is an important book for researchers and clinicians.”

Doody's Reviews

“Provides a useful overview for advanced students and researchers interested in the self, and, more important, some needed perspective on the way forward.”


“This is a very useful collection of essays for the researchers and academicians in philosophy, cognitive science and neuroscience as well as in psychology and especially in social and cognitive psychology....A very timely and valuable contribution to the current interdisciplinary discussions of the self, especially given the recent upsurge in theoretical and empirical interest in self-related topics. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to have a broader understanding of the self and how our identities are shaped in a social, historical, psychological and neurological point of view.”

Metapsychology Online Reviews

“Take the world’s leading authorities on the psychology of the self and ask them to write about what they know best, and you have the Handbook of Self and Identity. Now in its second edition, this remarkable handbook offers the first and last word on this important subject.”

—Daniel Gilbert, PhD, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

“Building on the strengths of the first edition, the editors have assembled an all-star team of experts to address classic topics and emerging areas of inquiry into the many and varied facets of self and identity.  Bringing together individual and social perspectives, this handbook serves as a powerful reminder that self and identity are rooted in biological, social, and cultural contexts, and have far-reaching consequences for how people think, feel, and act as individuals and as members of relationships and groups.  Quite simply, this handbook is a 'must read.'”

—Mark Snyder, PhD, McKnight Presidential Chair in Psychology, University of Minnesota

“Understanding the nature of self—what it is and what it does—has challenged scholars for many centuries. Scientific progress in understanding the nature of self was stifled by the inherent subjectivity and ambiguity that plagued much of the early research on the topic. Fortunately, the last few decades have witnessed major strides in the scientific understanding of self-relevant processes. In this second edition, Leary and Tangney have assembled a stellar group of authors who have made important contributions to understanding the nature of self, from its biological foundations to its developmental and cultural influences. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike, and it belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in self and identity.”

—Todd F. Heatherton, PhD, Lincoln Filene Professor in Human Relations, Dartmouth College

“I was tempted to assign nearly every chapter of this volume in my graduate Self and Identity class. Each chapter is cogent, neatly summarizes past work, and provides insights into future directions. The Handbook has been an outstanding text for this course.”

—Jeffrey Green, PhD, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

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