Interdependent Minds

The Dynamics of Close Relationships

Sandra L. Murray and John G. Holmes
Foreword by Harry T. Reis

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January 25, 2011
ISBN 9781609180768
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402 Pages
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August 3, 2011
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Foreword, Harry T. Reis

1. Motivating Responsiveness: Why a Smart Relationship Unconscious?

2. Procedural Rules for Responsiveness: The Motivation-Management Model

3. Trust: When to Approach?

4. Commitment: How Close a Connection?

5. The Situational Risks: Seek Connection or Avoid Rejection?

6. The Rules for Seeking Connection: Increase and Justify Own Dependence

7. The Rules for Avoiding Rejection: Withhold Own and Promote Partner Dependence

8. Relationship Personality: Making Certain Rules a Habit

9. Being Swept Away: How Passionate Love Makes It Natural to Connect.

10. Being Mowed Over: How Real Life Makes It Natural to Self-Protect

11. How the Person, the Pairing, and the Context Make (or Break) Relationships

12. A Practical Guide for Relationships