Latino Families in Therapy

Second Edition

Celia Jaes Falicov

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November 11, 2013
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November 11, 2013
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I. Overview

1. MECA: A Meeting Place for Culture and Therapy

2. Latino Diversity: Contexts and Cultures

II. Migration and Acculturation

3. Journeys of Migration: Losses and Gains

4. Transnational Therapies: Separations and Reunifications

5. The Second-Generation Identity Struggles: Roots and Wings

III. Ecological Contexts

6. Mental Health Disparities: The Need for Equal and Just Care

7. Religion, Spirituality, and Traditional Healing Practices

8. Racism, Ethnic Prejudice, and Discrimination

9. The Challenge of School and Work

IV. Family Organization

10. The Persistence of Extended Kin

11. Couples: Presenting Issues and Approaches

V. Family Life Cycle

12. Raising Children in Culture and Context

13. Adolescents and Parents Crossing Cultural Borders

14. Young, Middle, and Late Adulthood Transitions

VI. Conclusion

A Reflection: Finding Strengths