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Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Second Edition

Edited by Christopher Germer, Ronald D. Siegel, and Paul R. Fulton

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July 19, 2013
ISBN 9781462511372
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382 Pages
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August 3, 2016
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July 19, 2013
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I. The Meaning of Mindfulness

1. Mindfulness: What Is It? What Does It Matter?, Christopher K. Germer

2. Buddhist and Western Psychology: Seeking Common Ground, Paul R. Fulton and Ronald D. Siegel

II. The Therapy Relationship

3. Mindfulness as Clinical Training, Paul R. Fulton      

4. Cultivating Attention and Compassion, William D. Morgan, Susan T. Morgan, and Christopher K. Germer

5. Relational Mindfulness, Janet L. Surrey and Gregory Kramer

6. Practical Ethics, Stephanie P. Morgan

III. Clinical Applications

7. Teaching Mindfulness in Therapy, Susan M. Pollak  

8. Depression: Finding a Way In, Finding a Way Out, Thomas Pedulla

9. Anxiety: Accepting What Comes and Doing What Matters, Lizabeth Roemer and Susan M. Orsillo

10. Psychophysiological Disorders: Embracing Pain, Ronald D. Siegel

11. Mindfulness, Insight, and Trauma Therapy, John Briere

12. Breaking the Addiction Loop, Judson A. Brewer

13. Working with Children, Trudy A. Goodman

IV. Past, Present, and Promise

14. Roots of Mindfulness, Andrew R. Olendzki

15. The Neurobiology of Mindfulness, Sara W. Lazar

16. Positive Psychology and the Bodhisattva Path, Charles W. Styron

V. Appendix

Appendix: Glossary of Terms in Buddhist Psychology, Andrew R. Olendzki