Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Care

Marc P. Steinberg and William R. Miller

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August 11, 2015
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August 14, 2015
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I. Motivational Interviewing as a Clinical Style

1. Why Don't People Do What We Tell Them to Do?

2. Mindset and Heartset

3. Four Processes of Motivational Interviewing

4. OARS: Four Foundational Practice Skills

5. Hearing, Evoking, and Responding to Change Talk

6. Offering Information and Advice

II. Motivational Interviewing and Common Challenges in Diabetes Care

7. A New Diagnosis of Diabetes

8. Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

9. Medication Use

10. Insulin Use in Type 2 Diabetes

11. Addressing Self-Care during Follow-Up Visits

12. Substance Use

13. Psychological Stress and Depression

14. Talking with the Family

15. Adolescents and Diabetes Self-Care

16. Managing Diabetes-Related Complications

III. Learning and Applying Motivational Interviewing

17. Learning Motivational Interviewing

18. Motivational Interviewing in Groups

19. Motivational Interviewing, Diabetes Prevention, and the Global Epidemic of Diabetes

Appendix. Systematic and Meta-Analytic Reviews of Motivational Interviewing