Neuropsychology of Cognitive Decline

A Developmental Approach to Assessment and Intervention

Holly A. Tuokko and Colette M. Smart

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June 1, 2018
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May 15, 2018
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I. An Overview of Cognitive Decline in Later Life

1. Introduction to the Study of Cognitive Decline

2. Factors Protective against Cognitive Decline

3. Factors Predictive of Cognitive Decline

II. Assessment Strategies for Late-Life Cognitive Decline

4. An Integrative, Developmental Approach to Assessment

5. Normal Age-Related Cognitive Decline

6. Subjective Cognitive Decline

7. Mild Cognitive Impairment

8. Dementia

III. Interventions for Late-Life Cognitive Decline

9. An Integrative, Developmental Approach to Intervention

10. Pharmacological Interventions

11. Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions

12. Psychological Interventions