Promoting Emotional Resilience

Cognitive-Affective Stress Management Training

Ronald E. Smith and James C. Ascough

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June 27, 2016
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June 1, 2016
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Introduction and Overview

1. Emotion, Stress, and Coping: Implications for Intervention

2. An Overview of Cognitive–Affective Stress Management Training

3. Affect Elicitation in Psychotherapy: The Induced Affect Technique

4. Preparation, Assessment, and Session 1

5. Session 2: Cognitive Coping Skills—Introduction to Cognitive Restructuring and Self Instructional Training

6. Session 3: Induced Affect Reduction Using Relaxation and the Integrated Coping Response

7. Session 4: Induced Affect Skills Rehearsal and Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

8. Session 5: Integrated Coping Response Practice, Acceptance, and Cognitive Defusion Training

9. Session 6: Coping Skills Rehearsal and Additional Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Appendix A: Handouts and Forms for Clients

Appendix B: Materials for Therapists/Trainers