Psychological Science and the Law

Edited by Neil Brewer and Amy Bradfield Douglass

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April 4, 2019
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March 5, 2019
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Introduction: Psychology and the Criminal Justice System, Amy Bradfield Douglass & Neil Brewer sample

1. Criminal Profiling, Laura Fallon & Brent Snook

2. Cognitive Bias in Legal Decision Making, Steve Charman, Amy Bradfield Douglass, & Alexis Mook

3. Interrogations and Confessions, Stephanie Madon, Curt More, & Ryan Ditchfield

4. Deception Detection, Christopher A. Gunderson & Leanne ten Brinke

5. Eyewitness Memory, Sean M. Lane & Kate A. Houston

6. Interviewing Witnesses and Victims, Lorraine Hope & Fiona Gabbert

7. Child Witnesses, Thomas D. Lyon, Kelly McWilliams, & Shanna Williams

8. False Memory, Maria S. Zaragoza, Ira Hyman, & Quin M. Chrobak

9. Eyewitness Identification, James D. Sauer, Matthew A. Palmer, & Neil Brewer

10. Identifying People from Images, David White & Richard Kemp

11. Plea Bargaining, Miko M. Wilford, Annabelle Shestak, & Gary L. Wells

12. Competence to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility, Lauren E. Kois, Preeti Chauhan, & Janet I. Warren

13. Expert Testimony, Stephanie Marion, Jeffrey Kaplan, & Brian Cutler

14. Jury Decision Making, Liana C. Peter-Hagene, Jessica M. Salerno, & Hannah Phalen

15. Aggression, Violence, and Psychopathy, Devon L. L. Polaschek

16. Judicial Decision Making, Gregory Mitchell

17. Translating Psychological Science into Policy and Practice, Nancy K. Steblay