Reading Instruction That Works

Fifth Edition
The Case for Balanced Teaching

Tim Pressley, Richard L. Allington, and Michael Pressley

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May 5, 2023
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April 18, 2023
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April 27, 2023
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“Thoroughly defines and describes each type of instruction before showing how successful classrooms provide teacher support as children apply the skills they are learning.”

Curriculum Connections(on the third edition) —Curriculum Connections

“A valuable resource of significant information and viewpoints about the nature of the reading act, the essential aspects of learning to read and of not learning to read, and the processes needed to transform reading education in our elementary schools.”

Teachers College Record(on the second edition) —Teachers College Record

“I wouldn't expect the fifth edition of a text to be refreshing, but this one sure is. 'Balanced' truly means balanced! Reading researchers—rather than influencers or politicians—define and apply the science of reading with breadth and depth. This is a reading methods course text rich enough to prepare today’s teachers for the varied challenges they will face.”

—James W. Cunningham, PhD, School of Education (Emeritus), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The gift of this text is the serious and clear-eyed treatment of the full spectrum of evidence about beginning literacy instruction. The authors demonstrate unparalleled command of the nuances of reading and reading research. The book is thorough and clear, and based on an underlying respect for the process of learning, the work of teaching, and the endeavor of inquiry. This fifth edition earns its place as a time-tested cornerstone for the study of reading instruction.”

—Rachael Gabriel, PhD, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

“There could be no better timing for publishing the fifth edition of this text. While the 'science of reading' label is placed on myriad curricular materials, the term is most often used too narrowly. True to what the broad base of research actually demonstrates is needed for student readers to thrive, this book makes a convincing argument for the validity and effectiveness of balanced instruction. The authors describe teaching practices, strategies, and classroom environments that foster all students’ literacy growth.”

—Peter Afflerbach, PhD, College of Education, University of Maryland, College Park

“The term 'balanced literacy' emerged from Michael Pressley's exceptional translation of research for educators. In keeping with Michael Pressley's scholarly legacy, Tim Pressley and Richard Allington bring this book into its fifth edition, with elegant and clever interpretations of findings across many areas. The text positions the thoughtful educator to dive deep into literacy instruction. Especially helpful are the historical analyses of patterns in research and literacy instruction across the decades.”

—Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, PhD, School of Education, Virginia Tech

“I have used this book as a central text in a graduate-level Foundations of Literacy course with practicing teachers for many years, and have recommended it for graduate reading programs in teacher education as well as ongoing teacher learning experiences in schools. My students have been astounded by the new insights they gain from this text, and have been inspired to make immediate revisions to their literacy instruction. I am thrilled that the fifth edition adds current research in each chapter, as well as adding a chapter on emergent bilingual learners, making the book even more relevant to the educators I work with.”

—Amy Frederick, PhD, Associate Professor and MSE Reading Program Director, Teacher Education Department, University of Wisconsin–River Falls